Jeffrey Dell

Beyond Imagination by Veronica Ceci Does artist Jeffrey Dell believe in the existence of aliens? “Yes, absolutely!” He doesn’t focus, though, on what exactly they might look like: “I just assume it’s beyond what I can imagine.” Dell’s most recent exhibition, Sightings, goes far beyond what one might imagine could emerge from the deceptively simple … Continue reading Jeffrey Dell

Grounded in Place

JILL LEAR: Witness Trees of Texas by Judith Taylor Jill Lear’s interest in trees has taken her to far parts of the world. For Lear, trees are a vehicle to explore structure and order. Her expressive work is grounded in place as she seeks to discover the role a particular tree has played in its … Continue reading Grounded in Place

From Deconstruction, Transformation

Sydney Yeager by Erin Keever Sydney Yeager’s exhibition, Persistent Memories, features work she produced during the last five years. The title of the exhibition connotes the past, but her most recent paintings communicate a distinguishable change in direction, from all-over abstraction to figure-ground work. Photos taken of demolition sites along Texas State Highway 290 inspire … Continue reading From Deconstruction, Transformation

International Printmakers

Crossing Boundaries and Making Connections by Erin Keever Printmakers are a notoriously collaborative bunch, but when they live thousands of miles away from one another, their interactions lie less in the studio or printshops, and more in a collective mindset. That’s not to say their relationships are strictly virtual, rather these artists, their works, and … Continue reading International Printmakers