1,000 Years

A Studio Visit with Claude van Lingen by Kevin Ivester As I approached the front step of Claude van Lingen’s home studio, I could hear one of his totem-like television installations blaring from inside. He opened the door and politely invited me in as the chaotic sounds of our 24-hour news cycle grew louder. Nearly … Continue reading 1,000 Years

Three Blocks Away but a “Move Up” for Co-Lab

by Erin Keever In Co-Lab’s fundraising video on crowdfunding site Indiegogo, the theme song from The Jeffersons sitcom plays. This campaign, which raised approximately $21,000 along with additional public and private contributions, is helping the non-profit art space realize its dream of “Movin’ On Up.” Having kept up a full-throttle exhibition and project schedule for … Continue reading Three Blocks Away but a “Move Up” for Co-Lab