S.C. Gwynne and Katie Maratta found the wellspring for their art on the edge of a vast land ocean. by Claiborne Smith Writer and journalist S.C. “Sam” Gwynne grew up in Connecticut; his wife, artist Katie Maratta, grew up in West Virginia. Those places must seem somewhat foreign to them now, so tied to Texas … Continue reading NICE, LONG SPACES

Ellen Heck

Printing Character by Catherine Zinser Ellen Heck does not make prints; she is a printmaker. What’s the difference? A printmaker bows to the age-old processes mastered hundreds of years ago yet has an expert understanding of the medium in order to manipulate it at will. Artists who merely make prints seem to be interested only … Continue reading Ellen Heck

Marc Burckhardt

A Personal Conversation by Erin Keever Marc Burckhardt’s paintings are at once foreign and familiar. He paints in a figurative style that intentionally casts off current trends towards investigating mass reproduction, opting for a homemade, folk feel, but with a sophisticated edge. Burckhardt embraces tradition as a means to explore private realities and perhaps the … Continue reading Marc Burckhardt