Mary Ellen Mark

Man and Beast: Photographs from Mexico and India Claiborne Smith It’s no slight to the reputation or artistry of Mary Ellen Mark to say that her photographs of animals, carnival workers and children make me think about other photographers’ images of animals, carnival workers and children. Mark has her own style, or styles: she can … Continue reading Mary Ellen Mark

Frozen in Time

The new Ransom Center photography exhibition is epic but also refreshingly intimate by Claiborne Smith Photographers were thought of as technicians at the time; the establishment of Magnum was a radical move that insisted on more power being given to artists rather than the media makers who published those artists’ photos. For someone unfamiliar with … Continue reading Frozen in Time

Suzanne Koett

The Study of Aloneness by Amanda Gorence Austin-based photographer Suzanne Koett’s personal work often stems from a fear or conflict that she is attempting to demystify or settle through the artistic process. The Study of Aloneness, shot between 2010 and 2012, came about in this way when a life occurrence sparked a desire to look … Continue reading Suzanne Koett