The work of Caprice Pierucci and Charles Heppner written by Christina Martell Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings – Agnes Martin Nature, in all its greatness and in all that we take for granted, is where we begin. We are cells, bones, water and energy. Like the trees and the animals, … Continue reading ENTWINED BEAUTY

Child of the Mississippi

Photographer Kevin Greenblat by JC Trebon I’m looking for people who are surprising— heartbreaking—or beautiful in a terrifying way. Beauty that might scare you to death until you acknowledge it as part of yourself. – Richard Avedon Richard Avedon’s statement rings true for photographer Kevin Greenblat. Greenblat’s keen ability to capture a powerful duality in … Continue reading Child of the Mississippi


Photographs and writings by Michael Kirchoff Michael Kirchoff has spent his years capturing the still image of people, cultures, and landscapes from around the world, to around the block, with a very unique and distinctive style. A native Californian, Michael resides in Los Angeles, though equally at home trudging through Redwood forests, riding the rails … Continue reading FLAWED