1,000 Years

A Studio Visit with Claude van Lingen by Kevin Ivester As I approached the front step of Claude van Lingen’s home studio, I could hear one of his totem-like television installations blaring from inside. He opened the door and politely invited me in as the chaotic sounds of our 24-hour news cycle grew louder. Nearly … Continue reading 1,000 Years


Rachel Wolfson Smith by Rachel Koper Recently, I had a studio visit with the Eyes Got It! winner Rachel Wolfson Smith as she prepared for her prized solo show. I have to say, she’s nailed it. Her exhibit is titled Midas, a reference to myth and humility. I am most interested in her dramatic imagery … Continue reading VIOLENT CIRCUS


Bale Creek Allen Gallery by Veronica Ceci Musicians unpack their instruments in a small room crammed with people craning their heads to get a glimpse of the short film being screened prior to the performance of a local legend. Hollywood stars hobnob with leather-clad rockers in the types of improbable encounters that happen regularly at … Continue reading STRIKING CHORDS