Waller Wall

Waller Creek’s Peripatetic Image by Erika Huddleston Waller Wall, an installation piece displayed during Spring 2014 SXSW Interactive Create, is the exciting rst commission of the new Creek Show arts-based programming of the Waller Creek Conservancy. The Waller Creek Conservancy is a private non-profit working in partnership with the City of Austin to steward the … Continue reading Waller Wall

Lines on a Wall

Sol LeWitt Wall Drafters Install Works at the Blanton Museum of Art by Amethyst Beaver When he is not drawing on walls, Roland Lusk is usually wearing chest waders and standing up to his knees in water. He is a farmer, of sorts, raising oysters and clams off of the Chesapeake Bay. He comes from … Continue reading Lines on a Wall

Mary Ellen Mark

Man and Beast: Photographs from Mexico and India Claiborne Smith It’s no slight to the reputation or artistry of Mary Ellen Mark to say that her photographs of animals, carnival workers and children make me think about other photographers’ images of animals, carnival workers and children. Mark has her own style, or styles: she can … Continue reading Mary Ellen Mark