William Geisler

Process by Marjorie Flanagan To work with materials one needs a space, just like a writer needs a page. Papers and piles and jars and wands and brushes and knives and drips. The visual impact of William Geisler’s home studio gives a vivid and lasting impression: encaustic wax medium heated over hot plates quite tempting … Continue reading William Geisler


Paper: Nature as Muse and Medium Priscilla Robinson is into process. As a plein air painter in the 1980s, she made all her own pastels. Now, as a successful ber artist, Priscilla spends hours, days and weeks creating her medium- paper. “As a plein air painter, I focused on panoramas. Now, I’m focused on the … Continue reading Process


East Austin Studio Tour: A Closer Look at 4 of This Year’s Top Studios PAINT: Ender Martos EAST #02 / 618 Tillery St. Ender Martos grew up in Merida, Venezuela. Merida is a city built where the tectonic journey of the Andes mountains come to an end. Martos relates this geographic landscape to his formative … Continue reading E.A.S.T.

René Alvarado

by Laura Harrison My recent visit with René Alvarado in his home and studio in San Angelo, TX, gave me an opportunity to see what he is currently working on and to reflect on his path as an artist. His home and studio is an old Lutheran church that he renovated in 2005. He kept … Continue reading René Alvarado