Broadening Horizons in Robotic-Assisted Architecture by Joel Nolan In his trip to South America, Bruce Chatwin, acclaimed British travel writer, encountered Maria Reiche, a German archeologist walking the desert carrying an aluminum ladder on her shoulder. She was there studying the Nazca Lines, a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in Southern … Continue reading BEYOND BENDING

You Are Here

Street Art in Austin by Joel Nolan For over 40,000 years humans have been using some version of paint to tell their unique and individual stories. The oldest known instance of these early paintings can be found in the Cave of El Castillo, located in Northern Spain. Here Paleolithic era man used charcoal and red … Continue reading You Are Here


James Turrell’s Skyspace by Joel Nolan He had become less interested in the sterile and dull images on the screen and more inspired by the beam of light emanating from the projector with its unhurried particles of dust hanging in the smoky, flickering colors. On October 19th The University of Texas unveiled its very own … Continue reading THE COLOR INSIDE