Shawn Camp

ANGLE OF REFRACTION “What painting wants more than anything else is working space—space to grow with and expand into, pictorial space that is capable of direction and movement, pictorial space that encourages unlimited orientation and extension. Painting does not want to be confined by boundaries of edge and surface.” – Frank Stella Surface, line and … Continue reading Shawn Camp


The Deconstruction of an Artist’s Vision by Rachel Stephens and Judith Taylor In April, red and yellow spray paint expressed deep-seated feelings on the base of the Jefferson Davis statue on The University of Texas at Austin’s main mall. The slogans “Davis must fall” and “Emancipate UT,” set the stage for the controversy that heightened … Continue reading ON THE SOUTH MALL

A Look East

photo méthode / phō tō mē thō duh / noun: a plethora of photography techniques Tina Weitz opened Photo Méthode Gallery in September 2013. Since then, Weitz – an experienced gallerist and a professional photographer herself – has assembled an impressive group of fine art photographers including Kevin Greenwood, Shelley Wood, and David Johndrow. For … Continue reading A Look East