Sarah Fox

Bruisers written by Kathryn Pearce Sarah Fox is enacting an intervention of sorts, but not the kind we are familiar with. When we think of an intervention, our minds fill with imagery of illicit drugs, substance-addicted loved ones and the torturous first step on the long road to recovery. In her new exhibition, Bruisers, Sarah … Continue reading Sarah Fox

Dimension Gallery

Dimension Gallery Proposes a Bold New Model that Blurs and Softens the Edges Between Gallery and Museum written by A.K. Marx The uninitiated might suppose that they had happened across a rift in the space-time continuum should a casual stroll through East Austin lead them to behold the over-large wrought iron fence that serves as … Continue reading Dimension Gallery

Joseph Janson

Art as Choreography by Jennifer Hart To see Joseph Janson’s wire sculptures at Wally Workman Gallery is like seeing art as choreography—line drawings in space. Reminiscent of the wire sculptures of twentieth century artist Alexander Calder, Janson’s works range from single images to still life scenes, from groups of floating heads that form shapes of … Continue reading Joseph Janson