Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Gentle Agitation by Elizabeth Chapin Jennifer Ling Datchuk’s exhibit Truth Before Flowers at Women and Their Work is a generous invitation to sit, both literally and figuratively, and to talk about and ponder the nuanced landscape of being a woman. One is met, upon entering the gallery, by three hanging macrame planters made of bright … Continue reading Jennifer Ling Datchuk

The Memory Palace

Rehab El Sadek at Big Medium by Tara Barton To enter the shadowy forum of The Memory Palace, coming in from the bright courtyard of the Canopy complex, is to open a portal into a dimension that shifts with your perception, that expands with your attention. Indeed it must, as in some ways it serves … Continue reading The Memory Palace


Monsteras reviewed by Kathryn Pearce Monstera deliciosa is the vividly descriptive species name for the plant that populates much of Patrick Puckett’s latest work at Wally Workman Gallery. Visually specific and iconic within the verdant realm, the Monstera has been appropriated by design, art and fashion for its evocative heart-shaped, deep green leaves with swiss … Continue reading PATRICK PUCKETT