Jeffrey Dell

Beyond Imagination by Veronica Ceci Does artist Jeffrey Dell believe in the existence of aliens? “Yes, absolutely!” He doesn’t focus, though, on what exactly they might look like: “I just assume it’s beyond what I can imagine.” Dell’s most recent exhibition, Sightings, goes far beyond what one might imagine could emerge from the deceptively simple … Continue reading Jeffrey Dell


The Deconstruction of an Artist’s Vision by Rachel Stephens and Judith Taylor In April, red and yellow spray paint expressed deep-seated feelings on the base of the Jefferson Davis statue on The University of Texas at Austin’s main mall. The slogans “Davis must fall” and “Emancipate UT,” set the stage for the controversy that heightened … Continue reading ON THE SOUTH MALL

Crit Group

A New Portrait for the Contemporary Artist by RJ Harrington For the past three hours I’ve been sitting in my studio staring at this painting. I am unable to decide if I’m done with it. I think it needs something more, a bold streak of cadmium yellow along the side? Too harsh. Perhaps I should … Continue reading Crit Group