Child of the Mississippi

Photographer Kevin Greenblat by JC Trebon I’m looking for people who are surprising— heartbreaking—or beautiful in a terrifying way. Beauty that might scare you to death until you acknowledge it as part of yourself. – Richard Avedon Richard Avedon’s statement rings true for photographer Kevin Greenblat. Greenblat’s keen ability to capture a powerful duality in … Continue reading Child of the Mississippi

Contemporary Sculpture

Speaking Silence by Judith Taylor The contemplative nature of contemporary sculpture is to a large degree driven by the language of silence. Artists meld form and material seamlessly to create objects that engage and spark our curiosity. Christine Finkelstein, in her article “Studying Contemporary Sculpture” (Sculpture magazine) reinforces this idea of contemplation when she says, … Continue reading Contemporary Sculpture

Old & Guard Vanguard

Gracelee Lawrence & Ryan Hawk respond to Charles Umlauf by Catherine Zinser The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden and Museum was established in 1991 to house the collection of work given to the city of Austin by twentieth century sculptor, Charles Umlauf (1911–1994). When the current curator, Katie Edwards, interviewed for her position just over two years … Continue reading Old & Guard Vanguard

BOOKSHELF: Martin Ramirez, Framing His Life and Art

Victor M. Espinosa, Published by University of Texas Press Release date, November 2015 by Clairborne Smith Imagine the story of a migrant from Mexico who ends up in a psychiatric hospital in California, where he devotes his time to creating idiosyncratic art that makes him a sought-after and respected artist (but not until after his … Continue reading BOOKSHELF: Martin Ramirez, Framing His Life and Art