aether  magazine


a visual arts dialogue
    austin, texas and beyond


in this issue ...

WILL KLEMM / The Figure Arrives

NANCY RUBINS / Outdoor Public Sculpture for UT Campus

CO-LAB / A Move Up for Co-Lab

LANDMARKS VIDEO PROGRAM / Feast Your Attention on This

JILL LEAR / Grounded in Place


PREVIEW / Elizabeth McDonald

BOOKSHELF / Dan Rizzie

GREETINGS FROM AUSTIN / Hello Lamp Post Journeys to Texas

GALLERY TRACKS / The New, Musical Audio Guide at The Blanton

PRINTAUSTIN / Will PrintAustin Grow Bigger, Smarter and Outside the Box?

a visual arts dialogue
austin, texas and beyond

aeaether (Greek αἰθήρaithēr[1])
a medium that in the wave theory of light permeates all space and transmits transverse waves.